About us

We're The Roadworn Ramblers - a band of musicians who've all seen and done a mile or two in previous bands and who have come together to  play and sing the songs of the great American songwriters of the last 60 years. This is music you can sit back and enjoy, with a good melody and a universal human story to tell. These are the songs that last. 

The Roadworn Ramblers are:

Pete Johnson, Rhythm guitar and vocals

Kat Brooks,   Vocals and percussion

Tom Symancyk, Drums

Brent Clark- Guitar and vocals

Jake Killoy - Bass Guitar and Vocals 


And a various and sundry group of talented acquaintances, friends and cohorts who join us from time to time. 

Ramblers play just one gig a month - usually on a Saturday night somewhere - and we change our material frequently.